Condominiums are a great form of property for second homes or investments and many condo-owners call Mexico home every winter or every year. In our experience most of the condo owners problems are with the developer or the administrator associated to the developer. We highly encourage to consider professional independent administration in every condominium. We also suggest to perform a professional audit by a certified accountant of the administration from time to time. When condo administrators change we suggest an audit and not to release them from responsability but after the audit. The audit should be fast because there is a short period of one to two years to demand responsability on administrators.  

We also recommend to file a lawsuit when condo-owners stop paying condo fees for more than four months. Condo regimes will have only two years to demand the payment of due condo fees and interest.

We have a vast experience supporting Vigilance Committees. If you have a condo problem, we can help. Schedule a Free Call With Us.

When developers run out of finance projects stall for a period or forever. Problem is that you will not know when.  Litigation can save your investment securing assets from the developer in other projects and setting a preferential right in case of foreclosure and bankrupcity. In simpler cases, you will get paid faster.

Other times a different owner than the developer claims title or a bank has a lien over the land of your condo and you can not get the deed of the property that you bought. When cases reach that level, you need an attorney on your side before everything falls appart and those that do not act loose everything.

If they do not return your calls or you can not trust them anymore, Schedule a Free Call with Us and take steps towards protecting your investment. We have recovered millions on behalf our clients.

Many pre-construction sales result in a different unit than what you purchased on paper, or what the builder promised you. This occurs often and often too helpless buyers let it go. But we are the help that you need to make it fair, through fierce negotiation or litigation on behalf of our clients we have obtained compensatory damages for units built in violation of contract, defects in the design/construction or delivered months after the due date.

In the worst scenarios buildings never get built leading to failed purchase and sale agreements. We have experience in these cases. In these cases it is important to act as soon as possible as many creditors will demand defaulting developers to secure a guarantee over the assets of the developer. We suggest you to consult with a lawyer as soon as the developer incurrs in project delays to find if there are other properties owned by the developer in case of default.

In bankrupcity cases there is an order of priority among preferred creditors. Before the process of bankrupcity begins most cases follow the principle of first in time, first in right. You want to be the firts securing your investment and not the last. If you want to lern more Schedule a Free Call with us.


  • Juan Carlos Salazar

    Senior Partner, MX
    Juan Salazar has over 18 years of experience in administrative, constitutional and civil litigation. His vast experience enables him to have a strategic approach to problem solving. He has been a key participant in many industrial projects in the sectors of energy and tourism, advising developers in administrative matters. Juan has a degree in Civil Litigation and attained post-graduate studies in environmental law from the Universidad Iberoamericana, and in administrative law from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). His experience in administrative and constitutional litigation is vast, with many successes against closures, fines, and sanctions arbitrarily imposed by federal and local administrative authorities. He also has a proven record against unilateral determination of credits by fiscal authorities. Finally, Juan Salazar has assisted investors in the incorporation of companies, sale of shares, mergers, fusions and liquidations of companies, as well as in the negotiation of commercial agreements. Juan is fluent in Spanish and English.
  • Horacio Cuevas

    Senior Partner, Mx
    Dual citizen of Mexico and Canada, Horacio Cuevas has worked and lived in the United States, Canada and Mexico. With over 20 years of experience in law, international business and regulation, Horacio provides strategic advice to clients striving to achieve business goals with legal certainty. Horacio frames problems so they can be understood and solved systemically –offering integral advice to problems that seem disconnected, and solutions for problems that appear intractable. With his Mexican and Canadian education in law and business administration, Horacio has a unique understanding of legal frameworks, real estate, finance and private investment. Horacio is fluent in Spanish and English


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