Property in Mexico is a Constitutional right. But as a right, it has limitations. The owner of the land is not the owner of minerals and air space. The original property owner in Mexico is the people represented by the Federal Government, and private property is recognized and respected.

Land claims and litigation over land often originates from communal lands. If you want to learn why your lease or purchase of property, particularly beach front property outside of the main towns in Quintana Roo needs an exhaustive title research by an idependent lawyer, not associated to your Real Estate Agent before buying or leasing property please check our article: Why I Need An Independent Lawyer To Do A Title Search? (link)

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Our rates are lower because of 4 conscious measures that we took to reduce our cost:

As you can see in the table in Pricing (add link), trials are considerably cheaper in Mexico than in the U.S.; Also, there are fewer judges in Mexico per person.

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    Dual citizen of Mexico and Canada, Horacio Cuevas has worked and lived in the United States, Canada and Mexico. With over 20 years of experience in law, international business and regulation, Horacio provides strategic advice to clients striving to achieve business goals with legal certainty. Horacio frames problems so they can be understood and solved systemically –offering integral advice to problems that seem disconnected, and solutions for problems that appear intractable. With his Mexican and Canadian education in law and business administration, Horacio has a unique understanding of legal frameworks, real estate, finance and private investment. Horacio is fluent in Spanish and English

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