Our practice in environmental law is key in Quintana Roo. All beachfront properties and the land and sea portions included in the definition of coastal zones as per environmental regulations; are subject to specific federal regulations to ensure the protection of coastal ecosistems and the environment.

We have expertise in the permit management for developments in coastal zones, from homes to developments with golf courts. We can help you differently than biologist and specialist from other disciplines and even general practice lawyers because we also practice environmental litigation including the defense against construction or business closures on environmental basis. We have successfuly supported developers of golf courses and complex multi tower developments in environmental permits and litigation.

The area of 20 meters from the high tide line inland is defined as the Federal Zone or Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone. It is owned by the Mexican government and can not be purchased, although a concession for the use of the Federal Zone migh be granted by the federal government through SEMARNAT.

Federal Zone concessions are crucial for beachfront properties as the concession title holder will be able to exploit and use the Federal Zone even without owning the adjacent or beachfront property. Having a crowded beach club in front of your beachfront property is a terrible scenario for a beachfront owner looking for peace and solitude; but it is a totally preventable one. We have obtained dozens of concessions on behalf of condo associations, Home Owners Associations and beach front properties owners. We are also skilled in the transfer of federal zone concession titles and in the litigation of federal zone titiles.

If you want to learn more about Federal Zone please follow the link to our article: How Does The Federal Zone Works?

Because of years of practice in Quintana Roo and our location in Mexico City, we have assisted many clients in matters related to pier concessions, disputes, fines and fees. Piers are of federal jurisdiction, managed by the Direction of Ports located in Mexico City, therefore we are perfectly located to support clients needed pier concessions.


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    Dual citizen of Mexico and Canada, Horacio Cuevas has worked and lived in the United States, Canada and Mexico. With over 20 years of experience in law, international business and regulation, Horacio provides strategic advice to clients striving to achieve business goals with legal certainty. Horacio frames problems so they can be understood and solved systemically –offering integral advice to problems that seem disconnected, and solutions for problems that appear intractable. With his Mexican and Canadian education in law and business administration, Horacio has a unique understanding of legal frameworks, real estate, finance and private investment. Horacio is fluent in Spanish and English


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