We have been operating for seventeen years under the name of Investment Consultants assisting property owners and some of the major foreing companies (such as the Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica Movistar) with complex litigation all across Mexico.  In 2020 we rebranded to Litigation Lawyers to better reflect what we do and to make sure our services can be easily found online in the digital era when you need… litigation lawyers. 

We have work on over a thousand cases with a 90% rate of success.

We share YOUR values, our founder has lived and worked in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico and has dual citizenship in Canada and Mexico.

IC Abogados

Reasons to Work With Us:

Straightforward and constant communication in English

Honesty in what we do and honesty in billing

We set you for success

Tirelessly driven. We relish your success as ours

Business oriented, down-to-earth legal representation

What is the Purpose And Mission of Our Firm?

Our purpose is to help foreigners conduct business and enjoy their lives in Mexico. We do this providing litigation expertise with integrity. 

We know that as a foreigner you may find yourself at a disadvantage navigating a foreign system in another language. With our integrity and english speaking this is where we come in. Our mission is defend  foreigners that find themselves being taken advantage of in a country other than their own.



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What Makes Us Unique?

We don’t do beach time. We do what we promised, when we promised it. We know what YOU expect and we work to exceed those expectations. 

We have worked with U.S. firms and we understand the level of service, dedication and timeliness that is expected. Experience it for yourself… 

We get tired of hearing about lawyers in Mexico that do not  return their client’s calls or clients that don’t know what’s going on with their case. 

Avoid the headache of working with others. Talk to us first.